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Before buying a Giant Schnauzer there are some important links you may want to visit here on our site. Primarily, the owner and dog bio pages are significant because you will learn about the temperaments, trials and joys of living with a giant. Also read about cropping versus leaving ears natural. The puppy pages exhibit puppies in their terror getting into all sorts of trouble and that is worth at least recalling before jumping in. There are hours of articles and pictures to flip through.

MEET MAGNA- If you want to learn about us, find out what a Magna Giant Schnauzer is and what we are up to:

  • IN THE NEWS is a new page where I hope to share what some of the owners are doing with their dogs.
  • MORE NEWS- Learn how our dogs are doing at the few shows we attend during the year because in general we only attend the most important Giant Schnauzer events in the country.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS- This is is where I will tell you about new things I want to share with you.

MEET OUR DOGS and those we have placed in homes:

  • Magna Owners "Speak!" - Meet some of our dogs and their owners online. They have answers to many questions commonly asked.
  • SPECIAL DOG PAGES- Visiting these special dogs will give you some additional insight into the breed and I really do not want you to miss them:
    • MEET CASEY- the personal assistant dog
    • ZOYA is a super well trained dog and we have videos to share with you of that and more!
    • KIKI This page needs to be updated to reflect Kiki's super therapy dog work at hospitals. Kiki is Zoya's Mom and she has given her the super dog gene to her. Well that, and they both have super owners.

FINDING YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER- Want to know what we have available and get help selecting the right dog for you?:

  • GIANT SCHNAUZERS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE- Right now we have a couple of terrific males from 5 months of age to three years. Contact us to request an application if you are interested in a pup or a dog from Magna as a pet only or a pet of exceptional quality you would like to show and have some fun in the ring with. Keep in mind that our dogs are typically sold on spay/neuter contracts. We look forward to helping you find the dog of your dreams.
  • MAGNA RAISED DOGS Is this the right choice for you? For some, the choice of an older well started dog is the right choice instead of a puppy.
  • Tips for purchasing a giant schnauzer

CARE: OUR BEST ADVISE This is the area I hope to get up and running for you because it will be the most helpful of all the information I offer. Check back and suggestions are welcome.

  • Ears- To Crop, or Not To Crop... That's The Question! This link speaks to the pros and cons of cropping or not cropping. It also includes instruction on posting and taping of cropped and natural ears, though we do need to add to this in the future as time allows. FYI... Only about 20% of Magna owners crop these days. It seems a kinder more humane attitude as well as appreciation for the natural ear are now strongly in vogue. If we have contributed to this end with our numerous natural earred champion dogs and hundreds of pictures, we are proud of this accomplishment!

My Blogs- For your information.

  • A BREEDER'S JOURNAL It's a Blog to offer insight for those interested in what breeding Giant Schnauzers is all about.

  • GIANT SCHNAUZERS IN MOTION- This is where I post things of giant schnauzer activities. This is mostly pictures and is really fun. Notice our wild child Sarah. Unbelievable!

  • MAGNA GIANTS EVERY DAY- Here is where I post things I want to quickly update you because updating the website is a bigger task and I do not do it often. There are fun things there too. I think you are going to love the video of babies nursing and one even being born backwards! Take a peek, but please remember to come right back! This works better for me. Hope it makes sense and works for you too.


  • MAGNA MERCHANDISE Take a look at our beautiful new items! And there is much more to come. Our products will be limited to things we use, love, recommend... it is not a site for just any ole item. However, if you know of an item you think is just superb, let us know about it and we will consider it. We want products that are of excellent quality, hold up, do the job better and/or make your life easier.
  • MAGNA SERVICES We offer grooming, training, boarding and more.


  • SPECIAL DOGS This is an old page I came across and think is funny. Mia was Phoebe's only pup and is Vader's Mother. Phoebe is also the sister to Rhea and Athena. I call them the Titan goddesses. They were in fact the foundation of my breeding program.







These are not (for the most part) just pictures but stories and pictures that teach about the breed in a fun way. Those that are new to the breed should visit these pages. Look forward to new additions to storybooks.


  • AUDI COMMERCIAL WITH GIANT SCHNAUZER He has ears and a tail! (He could have been hurt badly so I am pleased to say, he is not one of mine but very cool none the less.)

  • DO GIANT SCHNAUZERS LIKE DOING AGILITY? I am often asked this question and when I found this video clip I thought it spoke so clearly I would let the dog answer that question. I do not know who the dog is, but good job trainer!



  • DR. SALLIE MORRIS - Dr. Morris is a chiropractor, ear cropper, a breeder herself, great vet but a dream as a "breeders vet," and a wonderful human being. She practices in Burtonsville, and Columbia, Maryland and we consider her a part of our team. To be very honest- I am not sure I would continue to breed if we didn't have Sallie. Many of our puppy owners use her services too. She knows the breed, is an awesome vet and she is straight with people and dogs. She is the absolutely the best!

  • CANINE CARRIAGES - I love this! Pricey but very cool!

  • NEW! SAFE DOG TRAVEL - If you think the way you transport your dog is good enough, visit this site and read the German review (PDF file in English.) The video is in German but is easy to figure out even without the sound.

  • NEW! DOG FOOD EVALUATION - See how your dog food fairs. With all the tainted dog foods we are glad to feed a raw diet but when that is not possible feeding the best we can is of course our goal. This is a great site a very nice woman has worked super hard to provide.


  • FREECYCLE - Make your trash someone's treasure. List it and they will come get. Want it? Let 'em know. Someone will pass theirs on. Great concept! Keeps junk out of landfills and you don't have to dump it or can get it for free! How cool is that?!

  • WILLIAMS SONOMA - Who needs cookbooks when you can search for recipes that are this outstanding and so easy to reach? I love this site!

  • WORLD'S STRONGEST FATHER - by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Rielly. A heart warming story you won't want to miss. And don't overlook the video at the bottom of the page. If you know a parent that can top this guy, I want to know about it!

Video clips are my new obsession. If you find any you like, send 'em to me please!


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