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We may have other dogs available that are not listed on our blog such as the dogs we want a special home for, our older pups and young adults. Yours may be that home and that special dog may be perfect for you, so contact us to tell us what your needs and desires are and we will let you know what we have that may be a match for you and your family. We place a lot of importance upon matching dogs and owners as close to perfectly as we can. Our dogs are forever our babies and very precious to us so we are never in a hurry to "make a sale." We want you to be very happy with the dog you choose, and with that- our dogs are happy too.


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As any good breeder will tell you, their dogs get better as time passes (equal of course to the level of commitment to improvement) and we are no exception. These really are the best of the best. I would like to find homes with people that would love to have a dog similar to their parents or like our young son of LL Vader. He lives in a loving home with people who enjoy the benefits of owning a champion. Dogs that are shown are handled by strangers, are in crowds of dogs and crowds of people with strange noises and people working their coat. They have to learn to be compliant. There are so many benefits I cannot even list them all here. So if these things sound appealing to you and maybe even having your dog shown at Westminster and have a champion in your home, maybe learn to groom and train.... we have some potential superstars and we want them all to have special homes where we can keep these dogs in our program. The pups are generally sold as a family pet for the price of a pet yet they are shown to their championships without living their lives in a kennel, which we refuse to do. If shows are not your thing we can take care of that part of it for you so you do not have to attend them.


We often turn away buyers who want our well started dogs because they are in demand, and re-home quickly unless the home the dog needs is unique and in that case we will just wait until the right family shows up. We believe there is a right dog and a right family for every dog. The dogs are priced according to their life skills, titles and features. In other words, price is based on the benefits to the purchaser. The more we have done, the higher the price. The more left for you to do, the lower the price. You know... kind of like sweat equity when buying a home. Either way, it works for me and for many of our buyers. MORE INFO


BUYERS TIPS! - This is a must read for all buyers!



CHIC Certification. What does that mean? CHIC is the acronym for the Canine Health Information Center. What it means to you when the parents of your dogs are CHIC certified is that the tests set out by the breeds parent club as the minimal testing required for health prior to breeding has been done and then the dog will be certified. Please buy only dogs that have these tests. Not only will you have a better chance at purchasing a dog with a long healthy life, but all dogs will benefit in the future by producing dogs from a healthier gene pool as the generations pass sending a message to all breeders that we care about the quality of dog we buy for personal reasons as well as care about the quality of the lives of these precious beings!

CHAMPION BLOODLINES: Frequently people will say they "just want a pet" and I really wish they understood what that means as there are big differences in a good pet and a not so good pet. Good pets (such as those that come from champion parents with proper testing but may not be the pick of the litter) come from dogs that are structurally sound. This is important over the life of the dog because poorly built dogs may have flat feet, bad backs, long pasterns......... and these break down over time. So if  a dog covers ground effortlessly and is built properly... like any mechanisms he is more likely to reach the end of his life with less breakdown (discomfort) and more joy for all. Please consider that real success is never an accident. Accidents occur going down the road to success, but failure for those of us who care deeply is not an option as we feel there is no excuse for less than our absolute best efforts. After all, we are those that are responsible for creating these lives and I personally believe I am to be held accountable to these spirits some day. (Yes, in the hereafter.)

EARS: Natural earred pups are available to go to their new homes at eight weeks. Cropped earred pups stay here under our care until after twelve weeks. Read our article on the topic of ears.

REARING OUR PUPS: Our pups live in the center of our very busy home and they get a lot of exposure to sounds, experience, people and other dogs. Here are some pictures to look at. Our visitors are wild about our babies as is clear from these recent visitors photos. See why we tell you to wear your grubbies when you come to visit? We wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun! Take a look at these pictures. I hope the little video clips work. Keep in mind that all visitor abuse was self imposed and they came back the next day for more! Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!)

MEDICAL: Our pups have been given appropriate medical care prior to leaving including; inoculations, worming and have been examined by a veterinarian to be in good health prior to leaving Magna.

MICROCHIPS: No dog ever leaves Magna without a microchip ensuring their safe return to those that love them.


DEPOSIT:  We have come to enjoy a reputation we are very proud of for producing beautiful dogs who make wonderful pets as well as for having very special friendships with our  owners. We are very pleased about this and freely boast that our success has never required compromised ethics nor values of any kind. Additionally, we feel it is always best to be clear about what we expect and our policies and since our pups are often reserved before they are born we need buyers to understand that a deposit is intended as a commitment by the buyer and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If buyers have not made a firm decision to purchase a Magna Giant and want to continue shopping or are not sure about their decision they should NOT place a deposit on a pup as once we accept a deposit we consider that pup sold (whether on the ground or as part of our short waiting list for an upcoming litter) and turn away other possible buyers. On the other hand, of course we are reasonable with folks in the event they need to pass for a short period of time due to life crisis.

TERMS: All Magna Giant Schnauzers are sold with an application and phone (or in-person) interview, as well as with a contract and conditions. All pets must be spayed or neutered. All show dogs must qualify before being bred which includes; shown to championship, pass medical testing and other criteria Magna considers as good breeding practices. We do not compromise our standards for a buck, so nearly all of our pups are sold as pets regardless of quality for pet price and we definitely prefer it that way. You will not see Magna offering every dog as a show dog at astronomical prices with minimal breeding restrictions though with some of the best dogs in the country we certainly could command huge prices for our show quality dogs. But because we feel strongly that not every dog should be bred and anyone who breeds them should understand many things pertaining to the breed that are best learned with a mentorship program this (selling of our dogs as breeding stock to just anyone) has not and will not happen. We offer incredible dogs from top quality parents and bloodlines as pets for reasonable prices even if the majority of our dogs are champion quality. However, if you are interested in a show quality dog for show or breeding purposes we can discuss the details or refer you to another breeder we would buy from ourselves if you would like to give us a call. For those new to the breed and/or the sport interested in breeding and/or showing, we would be happy to discuss our mentorship programs with you.

As always, Magna is completely committed to excellence- The excellence of our dogs now, and for their lifetimes!


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