Our available dogs are listed on our blog. Click here to go there but don't forget to come back!

We may occassionally have dogs available that are not listed on our blog such as the dogs we want a special home for-; our older pups and young adults for example. Yours may be that home and that special dog may be perfect for you. Contact us to tell us what your needs and desires are and we will let you know what we have that may be a match for you and your family. We place a lot of importance upon matching dogs and owners as close to perfectly as we can. Our dogs are forever our babies and very precious to us so we are never in a hurry to "make a sale." We want you to be very happy with the dog you choose, and with that- our dogs are happy too.


As any good breeder will tell you, their dogs get better as time passes (equal of course to the level of commitment to improvement) and we are no exception. These really are the best of the best. I would like to find homes with people that would love to have a dog similar to their parents or like our young son of LL Vader. He lives in a loving home with people who enjoy the benefits of owning a champion. Dogs that are shown are handled by strangers, are in crowds of dogs and crowds of people with strange noises and people working their coat. They have to learn to be compliant. There are so many benefits I cannot even list them all here. So if these things sound appealing to you and maybe even having your dog shown at Westminster and have a champion in your home, maybe learn to groom and train.... we have some potential superstars and we want them all to have special homes where we can keep these dogs in our program. The pups are generally sold as a family pet for the price of a pet yet they are shown to their championships without living their lives in a kennel, which we refuse to do. If shows are not your thing we can take care of that part of it for you so you do not have to attend them.


We often turn away buyers who want our well started dogs because they are in demand, and re-home quickly unless the home the dog needs is unique and in that case we will just wait until the right family shows up. We believe there is a right dog and a right family for every dog. The dogs are priced according to their life skills, titles and features. In other words, price is based on the benefits to the purchaser. The more we have done, the higher the price. The more left for you to do, the lower the price. You know... kind of like sweat equity when buyi
ng a home. Either way, it works for me and for many of our buyers.


On occasion I will train a dog for an owner to their specifications prior to the dog going to his home. If this interests you, contact me by telephone and we can discuss it.